Monday, January 25, 2010

By request: Finn update

I've had several people ask about Finn lately...

He's growing, getting bigger, but still very much a kitten. He listens well, is obsessed with water and his three favorite toys, he has a fixation with taking his toys and placing them in his food dish and hiding his one and only gift (from Miss O.) under the file cabinets in my office--multiple times a day!

He has run of the entire house now and is doing very well. Thank you to those who have asked about him!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sunset in January

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Volleyball is a new sport for Miss E and she is a strong player. It was fun to watch. I used to be on a volleyball league and loved the game, camaraderie and competition.

Way to go E!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Finn's adventures...

As many of you know; I rescued a feral cat and while he's tame and loving now, he's shy around everyone, but me.

If someone comes over, he's under the bed, so they never get to see him. I have been posting photographs so those interested can see how he's growing and coming along.

Of all the things he does, both cute and annoying--by far the most annoying is that he MUST play right under my office chair--I have no idea why, but it drives me crazy, because I'm afraid to move for fear of hurting him, not to mention the constant bumping on my chair while he's whooping it up with his toys. (I just thought of this; maybe it's more fun and easier to slide around on the chair matt???)

My six-year-old niece trying to make friends with Finn.

He'll stand on two legs to hang on to his favorite toy.

He'll carry it around, dropping it in his food dish, just so he can eat.

My knitting bag is his new Jungle Jim, along with the tripod in my office.

Don't let this yawn fool you; he's not bored, he's just revving up.

He loves to watch my cursor move on the monitor.

I've had three blue screens since he started napping on the computer.

That Chapstick has gone MIA--can't find it anywhere!

He has no problem getting into gear boxes...

He's adorable and into everything, but he listens pretty well and is very entertaining.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I spy

Looked up and saw this doe looking at me through the trees.

Rescue mission

So this morning I head out to do some quick pool chores... The sun is shining, no wind and as I reach down to pull debris from the skimmer, I notice the largest frog I've ever seen in my yard! It was in the pool. I thought for sure it was dead...

After finishing my work outside, I thought documenting that big frog before I pluck him out of the pool might be kind of cool...

By the time I got back out there, he'd moved! I figured the movement from the cleaning heads inside the pool pushed him away from where I originally saw him. I wanted to make sure to fish him out of there, because the last thing I need is to head outside to empty the skimmer and open the lid and find a frog that size in there--I might have a heart attack!

I don't expect to open the skimmer lid and see anything more than leaves, or small branches--I've had my share of little critters surprise me when I lift the lid and it's not fun.

I grabbed a net and went to fish him out and would you believe... He's alive! What a big guy!

Perhaps I should go get my pool water tested, because if he survived in there, my chemicals must be off.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Doe passing through for a snack...

I was coming out of the shower tonight and was startled when in the dark I saw a deer right outside my office window. She seemed to be more concerned about Finn, who was watching her from the windowsill than she was about me frantically shooting photos of her eating the apple (in manual mode--no less!) It doesn't look very dark out there, but it was, other than the light from a lantern I have outside my office window.

When the doe made a move for Finn, I became worried, as I didn't want her to charge the window when I was about to leave the house. All worked out well in the end. I wasn't able to wait until she finished eating her apples, but I was able to move Finn out of my office and leave the house tonight.

The quality of these photos are terrible due to lack of light and all the reflections from the security monitors, but they do tell a cute little story...

The beautiful Miss M.