Monday, February 22, 2010

Taking in the sunshine

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Finally! By request, Finn retrieves!

I've had requests for video of Finn retrieving his toys. I'd told people that this little feral rescue that I adore "retrieves!"

It seems that over the past two-weeks whenever I have the video going, he wants to boondoggle with his toy instead of retrieving it. Finally, this morning I was able to get a small clip together.

It's not prefect, but you get the idea...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

By request: Finn update

I've had several requests from people asking about Finn and how he's doing? I'm thinking he should have his own blog! (kidding folks, it's enough just keeping up my own blog.) The reason people ask is because he's shy and always goes under the bed when someone comes to visit, so they never get to see him.

So by request, here's a "Finn update"

He's almost getting too big to fit under the bookshelf, yet he has fun kicking his favorite toy (given to him by Miss O.) underneath the bookshelf, spending several minutes flopping around trying to retrieve it.

Speaking of retrieving… If I didn't know better I would say I got a Golden Retriever in a cats body! He loves to retrieve and I hope to post a video of him doing this soon. Naturally, since trying to video him retrieving, he's become a little camera shy.

One of Finn's favorite pastimes is watching the wildlife that walk through the yard. He's pretty taken with a doe that passes through regularly and often spends hours at the window watching the birds, squirrels and rabbits while waiting for the doe. If you look closely at the photo where Finn is sitting by the window waiting to see the deer and then look directly at the top of the photograph, you can see his doe friend approaching the yard.

The other photographs are Finn hanging out in my office. I've given him his own stool to sit on by the window, but naturally when I'm working he has to be in the muck of things, walking across my desk, or hanging out on top of my computer tower, or lying on all the cords, which is something I'm working on getting him to stop doing--sometimes I think he does it during the "crazy hour" to get my attention. He knows better than to lay on all the cords...

He's a lot of fun and great company, so until next month, thanks to everyone who asked about him and requested an update with photos.

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