Friday, August 28, 2015

Reflections | August 2015

The hot and dry summer made for a few sleepless nights, but on a positive note there's been virtually no mowing this summer.  Our community and water association asked us to let our lawns go dormant to conserve water. I'm hoping it will come back to it's usual lush green once the fall rains return. 

I hope you've all had a wonderful summer xo.

This is one of the triplets, he and his sister came to the sliding glass door and waited for me.  When I opened the slider to say "hello" they got scared and the wildlife cam caught this guy prancing off.  His sister is in the background high-tailing it into the bushes where they sometimes bed down at night, although they did come right back a few minutes after this image was captured.

Here are two of the triplets coming back.  I took this shot from my office.

One of the biggest thrills this summer when I downloaded the images from the wildlife cam was when I saw this mama with her fawn in tow.  I haven't actually seen them walk by when I've been working and it's times like this that make having the wildlife cam such a gift.

I spent part of the afternoon out photographing with my nephew and we stumbled across this yellow jacket on a flower while we were trying to focus stack a scene.  (This is a single image and is not focus stacked.)

I am fascinated by cloud formations.  For years now, I'm always looking at the clouds--mesmerized by their beauty and at times fierce nature.  When I am swimming laps, I'll often look up and see these interesting clouds and decided on this day to CAREFULLY take my camera (client camera) out into the middle of the pool and shoot looking straight up and here are the results.

My nephew David is heading off to college in just a few weeks.  I don't see him nearly as often as I'd like due our schedules and I am going to miss him so much!  I was a puddle when these images were taken and I hope when I see him for lunch next week one last time before he leaves that I don't completely embarrass myself and start the waterworks all over again.  It's just hard...  I'm excited for this next journey and milestone in his life, but from a selfish standpoint I'm sad to see him go too.  I love him so much xo.

My brother captured this authentic moment that speaks volumes as to how I feel about this kid.

At a get together at my mom's this past week before David leaves for Denver, my timing was right on the money when I captured David doing a cannonball just before he hit the water..  Fun times!