Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A wonderful afternoon | Bellevue Portrait Photographer

My nephew was recently home on break from his first year at college.  I have loved him from the day I heard he was in his mom's belly.  I waited at the hospital (through a 4.9 earthquake) for his arrival. I changed his diapers, showered him with enough kisses to last a lifetime and accompanied him while we waited for his sister to arrive into this world one snowy night and again when his brother was born.  I have watched and photographed so many of his basketball and LaCrosse games over the years...

So it comes as no surprise that when it was his time to head out of state to college, I was a mess. I teared up at the thought many nights leading up to his departure and again the last time I saw him before he left. On that last day my brother took a photograph of the two of us, a single image that tells an 18 year story, which you can see in my August Reflections post.

One of the benefits available to him as he headed off to college is technology, although it didn't feel like much of a consolation for me at the time, but I was wrong!  We connect more than when he was home. Before he left, our lives intersected on holidays and special events which doesn't allow for that special one on one time that I so appreciate.

So when I learned the date he would be home for the holiday break, I started counting down the days and texting him the new count every Thursday and we'd text a bit on Sunday's during Seahawk's games.  Once he was back, we  arranged  to meet for lunch and he agreed to let me take some photos of him afterwards.

He let me know during lunch that he had to leave by 3pm to avoid rush-hour traffic. We had a nice conversation and then headed out.  It was cold and windy day, but sunny and beautiful too.   On the way to the park we listened to music and we were singing, good times!

I was very mindful of his schedule, but he assured me he was doing fine on time.  When I realized it was getting close I started to worry he told me, "Don't worry Aunty, this is fun!" Hearing him say he was having fun made my heart melt, I wasn't alone, he was having fun.

It was one of the best days and one I will remember...  I took these photos which not only left me with memories of a wonderful afternoon, but of a time in his life where he's finding his independence, transitioning from a boy to a man and beginning to map out his future (although I was able to see the boy that day too, as you'll see in the images below.)

I look forward to his next break and creating more memories and doing something he enjoys, since he so graciously accommodated me with photos that day.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Reflections | December 2015

I apologize for the delay in getting my December Reflections posted  I had been without a computer since December 23, 2015.  My old workhorse has been retired and since it was holiday season, delivery was delayed.   The new computer finally arrived on January 5th and it's taken me time to get it setup and configured properly  There is never a good time to be without a computer when you're running a portrait business, but it could have been far worse if this happened during the busy season-- so for that, I'm grateful.

On one of the frosty mornings in December where it was 23 degrees at my house I was looking toward the back of my property where I saw something white that looked like one of those styrofoam egg cartons.  My first thought was a bear got into my neighbors garbage toter and dragged his garbage onto my property (it's happened before.).

I ran for my binoculars and went to the window for a second look.  I could see it wasn't an egg carton, but what was it?  And then it hit me, could it be?  I wondered if what I was seeing could possibly be the rare elusive ice flowers?  I ran for my camera and out the door in my jammies and sure enough, there they were.  For me it felt like Christmas all over again!

I found the the one that I was seeing from the house, I hurried to take pictures (they melt quickly--as soon as the sun hits them.) I took a moment to look around and it felt magical. There were several and many were hard to access for a picture, but I did my best,  After a few minutes I realized that I didn't feel the cold. I was filled with excitement!