Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Emma | Sammamish High School 2016 Senior | Urban Session

Emma chose to book two sessions for her senior portraits, a rural session, which you may view here. I think both sessions very much reflect her personality. Maybe she gets it from her parents, her dad coming from a rural town in Western Washington and her mom has a blend of city girl loving the hustle and bustle of the city and the country girl who had a few horses in her lifetime. I think adding the second urban session is very much a part of who Emma is and where she wants to go in the future.

It was an overcast day, beautiful for portraits, but just 10 minutes after we finished the skies opened up and it was raining so hard!  We were not in an area where we could pull over and wait it out. There was so much water standing on the road that the cars ahead of us kicked up so much water it completely covered my windshield--very, very scary!  

Emma did not panic, I know both of us were saying something and repeating ourselves the whole time we couldn't see a thing -- maybe "Oh my God!" over and over, but I know she helped me remain calm so we could get through it.

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