Thursday, July 30, 2015

Reflections | July 2015

This was taken on my wildlife camera, which I can see from my office, but it seems to be a popular path for wildlife.  I have many pictures of coyotes from this camera, but the coyotes are the only ones that seem to be scared off by the very slight click.  This time I got a good shot and in color!  Which means this was taken about 6:30 in the morning, or the image would have been infrared.

Spiders just give me the chills--and not in a good way...  I was once bit by a brown recluse which I had to deal with for four months, so I'm always on the lookout when I'm doing anything in the yard.  On this day, I saw this web in the morning light and decided to photograph my first spider and web.  

Just played around with the crystal ball for a photography assignment this month.

During a quick stop at Starbucks while taking a break with a client between locations, I looked up and noticed the gorgeous light on some of the surrounding high-rise buildings, so I took a moment to take a few images.

Here's another one taken during a session.  Mount Rainier in the background surrounded by a soft pink sky.

 This image was taken within 30 minutes of the image above with the pink sky.  Remarkably, on this night, the sky was soft pink facing southwest, but orange/purple when looking northwest.  This was taken over the 520 bridge.  I hadn't been up there in a while and things sure have changed with all the bridge construction.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tween Summer Session | Redmond Portrait Photographer

A fun summer session from a few weeks ago.  The breeze near the water sure played in our favor.  Liv was up for something new, no pony tails this time around!  These images were taken when the sun was like an orange ball in the sky as a result of the BC wildfires.  The hues of pink, pale blue, purple and orange were swirling around us and made for a lovely backdrop for this session. 
Beautiful evening, beautiful girl.