Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bellevue Portrait Photographer | Just for fun...

I attend a photography meetup a couple times a month and one of the recent assignments was "Intentional Camera Movement."  This type of photography is so contrary to the final outcome I try to achieve as a portrait photographer.  I could never have imagined how fun this could be, or how inspired I'd be to see what the other members of the group shared. 

Love it or hate it, it was a fun project that included everything from a camera toss, to zooming the lens while exposing the image, panning, swirling and swooshing the camera. 
It got me thinking that I could really create some fun backgrounds for high school senior portraits.  Of course,  my style of photography would cater to the blended much muted color backgrounds versus  the abstracts.  All in all this was a challenging project that left me with a liberating feeling to break the mold once in a while from the kind of shooting I do for clients.

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Laura said...

Very cool effects, really like the vibrant color ones!

wpbarr said...

Very cool! I used to do this at carnivals all the time. Tons of colors there!