Sunday, September 26, 2010

By Request: Another Finn update!

If you've been following the "Finn updates" then you know that unless you follow my blog you will never--EVER see Finn.  I rescued him from the Feral Rescue Cat Project last November and he is terrified of people.  I am asked regularly by those that know me, or follow the blog how he's doing? 

He's doing GREAT! 

He has a definite schedule...  He wakes up when I wake up, which usually brings me straight into my office to work and naturally this is the time he's into everything.  His favorite thing to do is watch the birds, squirrels, rabbits and chipmunks from my office window (occasionally jumping in the air quite high believing he might actually catch one of the birds) and when that becomes mundane, he's trying to crawl into camera bags, play with camera bag shoulder straps or nestle himself into my print sample basket.

I always stop and take some time to play with him and give him my full attention once a day and then at 11:30 a.m. each morning he naps for four hours and that's when (if I'm not out shooting a session) I go into my office and work for FOUR uninterrupted blissful hours.

BUT...  I'm not complaining, he's a joy to have and makes me laugh out loud at least once a day :)

Thank you all for always asking about him!


Anonymous said...

I love kitty paws!


Anonymous said...

Julia your post made me laugh out loud! Beautiful photos and beautifully written. I could totally see Finn jumping in the window to catch whatever was outside.