Thursday, May 7, 2009

Meet Gracie Claire and Coco

If you are a follower of my blog, you've seen Gracie Claire and Coco before, however they weren't Gracie Claire and Coco then. They were a pair of Mallards that just showed up one day.

We thought they were just stopping by like all the other wildlife we're so lucky to see on a daily basis, but they've since become residents and now they have names. Paul and I have become very fond of this pair.

They've been coming to the house every day for over a week and they are smart, they know where to find us and what room we're in and if we don't see them, they will knock with their bills on the back slider waiting for us to come out there.

If we leave the slider open, they'll walk right in and make themselves at home--and that is not allowed! (We're working on that...)

So without further delay, meet Gracie Claire and Coco. (These photos are not the best due to the grids I have on my windows, but I have *NEWS* about this tomorrow!!)

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Jack and Alison said...

That is hilarious! They are smart mallards!! I love that they "knock" on the door - too funny. What a treat to have the wildlife so close for you to photograph!