Friday, May 8, 2009

As promised from yesterday's post "THE NEWS!"

Those that know my work from way back, know that I shot nature and wildlife for years and was a Field Contributor for Nature Photographer magazine. I've been blessed to have a plethora of wildlife right here in my backyard (literally!)

There has always been this one caveat hindering my ability to really capture the full beauty of the wildlife that passes my windows...and there are... there dreaded window grids, or as Paul and I like to refer to as "rick-rack." I hate them, yes, that's right! I said it, I HATE them!

I have always had to maneuver between 8 x 10-inch squares to get the shot and when I have a big buck walking past my window, Gracie Claire and Coco, or "the kids" (the raccoon family of five we have living here) I have to always shoot through a square--well no more! I LOVE my new windows!!

I couldn't believe how much they opened up the room and made it look bigger. They will take a little getting used to at night, because there is a little bit of "creep factor," because believe it or not the grids did offer some privacy, or at least the feeling of privacy--now it's as though I can touch the darkness.

I'll gladly deal with the "creepy factor" to have these two spacious-grid free pieces of glass from which I hope to get some amazing photos this summer!

There is one drawback we've already noticed within the past 24 hours of having the windows installed... and that is that the birds are used to the grids, so we rarely had them crashing into the windows. They'd bump from time to time, but this morning we heard a "thud!" I was almost hysterical and thankfully Paul rushed to this little guy's aid. I thought he was a goner, but Paul took some time with him and eventually he flew off--success!


spookybell said...

Congratulations on the new windows! I also love that the birdie sat on a toe then a finger! I love it.


Jack and Alison said...

Congrats on the new windows! I'm happy Paul was able to help the little bird! Hopefully they'll learn soon. :)

Estelle said...

I enjoy the pics you put on your blog. You have a very interesting back yard. Lucky you. I love your photos.