Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snoqualmie Valley Flooding

If you saw my post on Twitter earlier today, you know that we went to the Snoqualmie Valley to checkout the flooding. I'd heard from my mom that she received a recorded call this morning to evacuate. I'd heard there was serious flooding in North Bend on this morning's news.

Fortunately, my mom doesn't live in a flood plane, so they're OK, but she said that she saw some motor homes parked off of the exit near I-90 where they're on higher ground.

We took a ride out to the valley this afternoon and saw the water rushing over several roads. There was quite a backup of traffic on the Duvall-Carnation Road, which appeared to be the only way across the valley at the time.

I truly feel for the residents down there. Let's keep them in our prayers. They go through this almost every year--some worse than others and after the snowfall we had around Christmas, I'm sure it's been a real burden on those folks.

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