Thursday, January 22, 2009

Edible, kissable, squishable cheeks...

Yesterday afternoon I met with Baby S. and her mom Alison. I haven't taken photos of her since her three-month shoot and she turned eight months old yesterday!

She's good natured, curious and so darn loveable, it was hard not to kiss those cheeks... (continuously.) Oh I got my cheek kisses in, but can you ever get enough?

...and look at those little hands ~ ADORABLE.

Looking forward to our next visit!


spookybell said...

Super cute and totallt edible! What cute pictures!!


Anonymous said...

very cute, havvent's seen her in years

Hi stacy


Anonymous said...

These are very cute photos. She is growing up fast!!! She looks like a combo of Stacy, Estelle, Jason and Dad.

Talk to you soon

freezeframe said...

Adorable, you really capture the endearing moments. Keep shooting!

Anonymous said...

She has your dads hands. I love the pics and the coments. I love all the pics of all the kids. They are all growing up and I am glad you capture their charm.