Friday, November 21, 2008

The many faces of Miss E.

Music by The Beatles
Let it Be

Last night, this little star in the making performed in her school's auditorium. She blew me away. She played the piano while singing, "Let it Be."

These lyrics are timeless, but mean so much at a time when so many are struggling right now and I was overwhelmed; she did a fantastic job!

E- you have my admiration, love and support always, so I put together a slideshow covering what I'm confident will be your path to stardom...

Don't forget me when you make it to Broadway!


Estelle said...

I thought the pictures were adorable. She looks great and I think the slideshow is beautiful. I bet she will be a big star.

Deb said...

You have touched my heart!! Thank you so much for such a treasured gift. It really captures the years that have gone by so quickly. I want it to slow down.

I love you and all that you have shared with us through your amazing photos and slideshows.
Love Deb

spookybell said...

that was so beautiful!