Saturday, March 29, 2008

Grandparents and Special Friend's Day

Yesterday I was honored to be selected by my nephew D. to attend his school for "Grandparents and Special Friend's Day."

The guests were presented with a musical performance where the fifth grade students played what appeared to be huge xylophone's. I was intrigued by the sound of these unique instruments, along with a flute performance.

After the musical presentation, the guests were led to the children's classroom where each child gave a presentation about their special guest; comparing the differences from now to when they were in fifth grade. D. gave a relaxed and informative presentation.

After the kid's finished giving their presentations, we played a math game for an hour, where you team up with another child from the class and his/her grandparent or special friend. My nephew is a math wizard, so I was able to catch on to this electoral math game pretty quick with his help. Math is not my strong suit, but I ended up truly enjoying the game and having fun.

Next we were introduced to their Spanish teacher and played Spanish Bingo and another game--much like the old game "Concentration" where we had to match cards consisting of months and season all in Spanish.

Yesterday was a wonderful experience with my nephew (who I adore.) In my eyes he's always shone bright and yesterday he left me proud. I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity and and insight into his world.


Stacy said...

Julia - you look awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thank You very much for coming