Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cascade Loop - North Cascade Highway

Paul and I took another one of our "whirlwind" trips this weekend. We left 2 p.m. (a late start) and headed up to Darrington, then over to Highway 20, to Newhalem, then Diablo, and then Washington Pass (elevation 5477 feet,) where we stopped to hike up to the lookout point and take a few photos.

We left the Pass and arrived in Winthrop where the town was bustling and busy. The minute we were east of the mountains the weather was a pleasant 76 degrees and there were white tailed deer in all the fields, so many that we really had to be careful driving, because they would dart out in front of cars.

In one case we saw a doe, pulled over and took a few photos of her, but she was making a noise that sounded like a little lamb, she was frozen, didn't move and looked somewhat distressed. We looked across the highway and saw her reason; she had two fawns waiting for her on the other side.

I saw this doe almost get hit by two different cars and at one-point, I got out of my truck to try to wave a van driving at full speed to slow down. It was scary, the driver in the van just missed her, and the car that slammed on their brakes (which I saw in my rear view mirror) also missed her. Thankfully, no one was hurt and she was reunited with her little ones to graze in a field of alfalfa.

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