Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cadman at night

Cadman, Inc. is a company that sells sand, gravel and concrete and it's located in Redmond, WA.

Paul and I were driving by Cadman last night; it was about 76 degrees at 9:15 p.m., a full moon and with the plant lit up, we decided to stop and take some photos. Below is the same image in color and black and white.

Below is the other side of the street where Cadman's concrete plant is located.

The photo (left) is a concrete and wood wall across the street from Cadman. The tree across the street from the wall is back lit by the asphalt plant and this is the shadow of that tree.

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the lovely Stacy said...

The tree shadow is just amazing! I also think you should send a copy of the factory to the company. It's nice to see a beautiful picture of an industrial plant. Send then an 8x10 (in an inexpensive frame) with your web site info and a few business cards. You are amazing!