Friday, June 1, 2007

New baby rabbit

We have a new and I might add "brave" baby on the block. This little guy was born about 10 days ago. We're just amazed at how brazen he is--and he's out far from his hole at all hours of the day and night.

This photo is not the best quality, but with these babies, if you can't photograph them next to something to show a sense of scale, then the only way to see they are young is by looking at their ears, so in the photos below, I was lucky enough to capture mom and baby in the same frame. In the other one, I captured a sparrow and the rabbit in the same frame. This should show how really small and cute these little guys are.

Last night one of the "twins" as we like to refer to the racoon's wasn't at all interested in the little rabbit, but they were both outside well after dark foraging for food in close proximity to one another.

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Spookybell said...

I am glad you showed the wee bunny next to the bigger bunny. It is hard to see the size. I have seen a tiny rabbit before and they are so tiny and cute!!!! I'm so glad you share your wildlife with me. I like the sparrow also it shows that the bunny isn't much bigger than the bird... except the bird had a big advantage being in the forfront :)