Thursday, June 7, 2007

Itty-bitty, teeny weeny...

This little guy was out and about all day yesterday, along with his sibling. Watching and photographing them brings me so much joy! To see them run is truly funny, they're adorable.

I've become bored taking rabbit photos, so I'm trying to capture them exhibiting some kind of behavior. It's so difficult to get a sense of scale with these itty-bitty ones.

For a point of reference, this one is about the size of a teddy bear hamster and growing daily, or you could place him on a dollar bill and still see every corner. They eat several hours a day and within just a matter of weeks, I cannot tell the babies from the adults.

I hope the photo of the bird and rabbit will help show how small he really is--and we have at least three on our property right now.

Below (second image down) is their mother.


Anonymous said...

teeny weeny cutie patootie! The baby looks so soft. I can't tell how big they are so I am glad you refer to them as hamster like. I can relate to that!

stacy said...

it's me again, just stopping by to see the baby bunnies... I bet they are tucked in their burrow during all this rain!