Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cottontails--Oh my!

We have a mother cottontail and her two babies living in our yard. The babies are now about two-weeks old and I've been trying to photograph them for about a week now.

They are so tiny and difficult to photograph and I've tried to photograph them next to the hydrangea plant when they're eating to show a sense of scale, but it's very hard even with a 400mm prime lens.

They babies are so skittish, one more so than the other; their mother is easy to photograph and she's out eating in the yard all hours of the day and night. The little ones are just adorable and incredibly fast.

Today I was able to get closer than I ever have before they ran for cover. If you look at the leaves of the hydrangea plant, it will give you a sense of scale and how tiny they really are--they're not much bigger than a large leaf.

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Spookybell said...

Yeay bunnies!!!! So cute! I wish I had so much wildlife in my yard!!!!