Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bellevue Lifestyle Photographer | Introducing a New Service!

Introducing a new way to see your wall displays before you place your order! 

No more guessing, or trying to visualize what your images will look like on your walls.  I provide you with image choices from your session that you'll want to display in different parts of your home and they are all able to be previewed to scale.  All gallery wraps and standout wall groupings come "ready to hang" when delivered. 

Together we can choose a wall display that best suits your home or office.  I am pleased to provide this new service at no additional charge with each session.


stephanie newbold said...

Your clients are going to LOVE this!

Laura said...

Love these ideas, wall art is such a great way to display your most beloved moments!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to know what your purchase will look like in your private setting. Great idea and takes the guesswork out of your investment. D.