Monday, February 27, 2012

Bellevue Photographer | February 2012 Photo of the Month

This is a dual post, it's the photo of the month as well as a Finn update.  I get requests all the time for "Finn updates" and while I could post once a day about him, because he's so adorable and always doing something worthy of making me laugh, the truth is, I'm a family, child, high-school senior and boudoir photographer and so I'm not going to be posting Finn updates too often (although he could have his own blog with all of his antics and high-jinx.)

Please enjoy this image of him playing with his morning playmate before taking a nap.  "Squirrly" as I affectionately call him (menace that he is) will wait for Finn almost every day.  He will stare right at me until I notify Finn that he's here and waiting to play, unless Finn noticed himself.

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