Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bellevue Child Photographer | Just .ME.Session


"Always remember who they are right now."
This specific type of session has a concept-based journalistic approach documenting your child's personality and interests at this moment in time. Consider it a contemporary portrait with a storytelling result.
You provide the props - be creative, be imaginative and have fun setting the stage along with your child for showcasing their personality.  Please contact me to schedule your child's Just.ME.Session!

This is Livy's story:

She is a seven-year-old who knew what she wanted.  She put together her own Just.ME.Session.  She had a storyline about a little girl running away from home.  She came with all her props, her bright pink roll-away suitcase, and her most coveted treasures; her Teddy Bear, her stuffed animal kitten, along with her ribbons and bubbles.  For a little girl so in-charge and knowing exactly what she wanted, it's these candid images that captured this moment and where she is right now...

A beautiful little girl who still loves her Teddy Bear :)

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Spookybell said...

I absolutely love the bottom photograph that is so introspective! Nice capture!