Wednesday, February 9, 2011

By Request | Finn Update

Finn is doing well!  He's grown so much, he's not a kitten anymore, he's a "big boy" weighing in at a healthy 13 pounds!  I've been wondering what it would be like if I rescued another kitten???  I don't think Finn would like it one bit and I don't need another cat, I was just thinking with Spring right around the corner and sessions booking, it might be nice for him to have some company. 

He has a real routine he's settled into these days.  I can bank on his "nap-time" just as I can bank on "the late at night crazy hour."  Thankfully, he has adapted well to my schedule and isn't roaming around the house at night, meowing and keeping me awake.

Last weekend, I replaced six of his favorite toys, they're all the same and he loves batting and chasing them all around the house.  I walked into the room and said, "Look!  Here's all your favorites and they're brand new!"  He was so excited, he didn't know which one to go after, but true to form, when I woke up the next morning, five of the six toys were either in his food dish, or right next to it.

He's pretty settled into a routine and I don't think he'd be very happy to share the run of the house, his toys, or my attention at this point.  I was thinking that a new addition might help Finn be more social with visitors, however, this could really backfire on me and they both could end up being "hiders" and I don't want that! 
I don't need two anti-social scaredy cats (excuse the pun.)

For now, he's quite content playing with visitors that come to our window every morning :)

As always...  Thanks for asking about him!


Ray said...

We have a Siamese rescue who is of the firm belief that the watering can looks much better tipped over.

Every day.

Laura said...

Adorable! Looking forward to meeting Finn one of these days, he's definitely got true cat personality. These photos are so indicative of that :)

Anonymous said...

He is Mr. Mr. look how long and stretched out he is....he owns the place. D

spookybell said...

Wow! Look at that Fin all stretched out - what a cute kitteh! I hope he leaves you room to sleep!