Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rescue mission

So this morning I head out to do some quick pool chores... The sun is shining, no wind and as I reach down to pull debris from the skimmer, I notice the largest frog I've ever seen in my yard! It was in the pool. I thought for sure it was dead...

After finishing my work outside, I thought documenting that big frog before I pluck him out of the pool might be kind of cool...

By the time I got back out there, he'd moved! I figured the movement from the cleaning heads inside the pool pushed him away from where I originally saw him. I wanted to make sure to fish him out of there, because the last thing I need is to head outside to empty the skimmer and open the lid and find a frog that size in there--I might have a heart attack!

I don't expect to open the skimmer lid and see anything more than leaves, or small branches--I've had my share of little critters surprise me when I lift the lid and it's not fun.

I grabbed a net and went to fish him out and would you believe... He's alive! What a big guy!

Perhaps I should go get my pool water tested, because if he survived in there, my chemicals must be off.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the frog story! Hmmm, maybe he is just indestructible like an alligator. He might survive anything. I am glad you rescued him!