Sunday, June 21, 2009

This guy crept up on me this morning...

I was working on the computer in my office when I sensed something to my right. I turned my head and there about five feet away from where I was sitting was this buck. Naturally, I keep my camera less than a foot away from me when in my office, but he was looking right at me, so any sudden move by me and he would be gone.

I very slowly made the move for my camera, but with a big heavy lens like my 70-200 f/2.8L he caught the movement and didn't take off, but started to walk away. My heart was beating pretty fast, because I've waited for him to come back since I got the grid-free windows in my office.

My choices, in a split second to mull it over were: grab the camera and have to fight with focusing as he took off, or opt for the slower movement and risk losing a great shot from the front. I chose the latter and here's the result.

Even with the sauntering steps he made, he was powerful! I once had five deer run past me in the yard and it sounded like a herd! He looks lanky, but he was quite large!

As he walked away, the thumping noise from his hooves was impressive!

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