Monday, March 16, 2009

Miss M. and Scrabble

Miss M. recently had a birthday and on her wishlist was a Parakeet. This lucky girl got one and what a beautiful creature. So much so, I asked to hold it without any reservation.

I surprised myself actually... All went well until Scrabble "fluttered" a bit and then everyone in the room was laughing. (That's Scrabble resting on my finger--while I'm taking a photo with my other hand,) quite a display of my dexterity :-)

As I was leaving Miss M.'s home yesterday, I spotted this little Moose out of the corner of my eye and fell in love. Come 'on, is he the cutest or what? Just look at that face. (C. I get why you had to have him... He's adorable.)

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spookybell said...

Scrabble had a good close up when you open the picture. Very nice.