Monday, February 9, 2009

2009 Lip Sync

Miss E. and her friends were doing their thing--and doing it well!

I've photographed this event for the past three-years and I love it!

It's been so fun seeing the kids gain confidence over the years and the fact that they're surrounded by such an awesome support system at this school, along with their parents is incredible. To see the kids evolve over the years has been inspiring--It wouldn't surprise me a bit to see some of these kids on the stage, theater, or screen in the future!


Anonymous said...

Okay!!! All I have to say is this is so cute... Please let me know if I can contact the parent and let them know I would like to be invited to these things! It's the best ever and little Miss E has become Rocking Miss E! I loved it!

freezeframe said...

I really like these slideshows you post to your blog. You have a real talent for pairing the music with your images.