Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A new visitor tonight...

I was working in my office tonight and I must admit, I have this knack for knowing when something in my yard shouldn't be there. It can be almost completely dark, but if one shadow is out of place, or something shouldn't be out there, I can tell. (OK, not fair, I was asleep when the bear came to visit...)

Well, I looked up at what we call "the bird condo" that Paul built a few years back and I saw something up there, but it was so dark I couldn't make it out. Paul was in the living room with his headset on listening to music on his computer, so I im'd him to "Drop whatever you're doing and come in here quickly and quietly."

Paul came in and I had my flashlight on it, but neither Paul, or I couldn't tell what it was as it's head was turned away from us and then I asked Paul to grab the granddaddy of flashlights while I grabbed my camera.

It wasn't until I was looking through a 200mm lens, I saw what it was--An owl! This was exciting, because we've seen a lot of different birds and wildlife in our yard (just last night we saw a five point buck saunter past my office window about midnight,) but we've never seen an owl on our property.


spookybell said...

I love the Owl!!!! That is so cool!!!!

freezeframe said...

I know you must have died and gone to heaven capturing that image!