Sunday, September 7, 2008

Delicious dinner!

Last night Paul and I went to my brother and sister-in-law's house for dinner. Jack and Cindy made a delicious meal with such ease. We had these wonderful shrimp kabobs, "right off the barby" and some scallops with a delectable mustard sauce--de-liscious!
We had a great time visiting and got to catch up on their summer happenings and the kids accomplishments.

D is learning the sax, M won a Pyramid trophy for swimming and little J is cute as a button. I find myself wanting to squish him up and kiss those cheeks!

After dinner the kids were anxious to share some of their favorite You Tube videos, and then I shared one of my favorites--the story about the reuniting of Christian the lion. I thought I was the only one caught up and teary by the story and cheesy music--not so. Look at the kids, they did too.
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Thanks for a great night!

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spookybell said...

Oh my gosh the kids are getting so big and so cute and little J looks just like your brother! I can see it so clearly now!!! My favorite is that you shared the Christian the lion youtube video!!! That is so great. I love it too! I love youtube. I want to know what the kids favorite is... but now I have to share a few with you too. they are quick. -S