Monday, April 16, 2007

Chickadees nest in entry

We're watching a pair of Chickadees that decided the lantern next to our front door would be a suitable place to build their nest.

I was sitting outside one day watching this pair gather leaves, pine needles and various other nesting materials and then taking off near the door. I was curious where they were packing off their cache and much to my surprise it was right next to our front door.

It's amazing how hard these little birds work to build a nest! This one took just about four hours and then half of it fell to the ground and within two hours, it was back up and ready for eggs. The eggs look big, but they're about the size of a marble. The opening of the nest is only about 3 inches.
Had I known they were going to build where they did, I would have rigged a camera and remote shutter trip, but by the time I saw the nest, it was not responsible to attempt the camera setup as it would have posed too much stress to the pair.
I hope to post photos of the progress. One-week ago there were two eggs in the nest and two days later there were four!

I'll keep you posted...


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